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Training S​e​ssions

Each Training Session has 3-5 elements for each Training System. These elements may include resistance training, aerobic training, jump training, agility training and stretching. Your personalized sessions incorporates your current fitness level with your specific fitness goals to optimize your performance and results each and every session!​

Personal Training Sessions

Each training session is a 60-minute workout.  Workouts are setup ahead of time, reducing the amount of inactive minutes, optimizing efficiency while maximizing work volume, in order to give you the MOST value for your money! 

Online Personal Training Sessions

Each session is a 60-minute workout you can perform in your home gym or commercial facility under the supervision and guidance of a Qualified Fitness Professional via video conference with your Private Trainer. Online Training Sessions deliver the quality of a professional workout with convenience to perform them the location that best suits you!

At Home Personal Training Sessions

Each Training Session is performed at YOUR home with your own personal equipment, the 24KT Fitness Mobile Unit or a combination of them both if so desired.  Designed to bring the TRAINER to YOU, at home training sessions are the BEST of both worlds, the expertise of a professional in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Private Online Forum Training Programs

Each Training System has 3 workouts per week posted to a Private Forum and provide training videos, open forum discussion with other 24KT fitness members and your trainer, as well as access to your Online training and food log, allow you to workout, discuss your workouts and access your personalized program wherever and whenever you want. No more scheduling an appointment and leaving your house to get top of the line training programs. Your personalized workout that is tailor made just for you by a Qualified Fitness Professional. Your personal program will utilize whatever equipment you have at your disposal. Each program and its workouts are administered and monitored via an online portal. Track your progress easily with 24KT fitness!

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