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Meet Your Trainer

Jason Gold, B.S., ACSM-CPT

Exercise/Fitness Specialist

I began training for sport and recreation over 18 years ago. My passion and enthusiasm for training led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Cleveland State University as an Exercise/Fitness Specialist. In addition to my degree, I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. The focus of my studies were exercise physiology and sports performance. In addition, to owning and operating a Private Home Fitness Studio, I am also a Qualified Weight Management Service provider within the Empowris Health Network and an authorized Advocare Nutrition product distributor.

My goal is to apply the knowledge and experience that I have gained to help individuals perform at optimal levels through proper training and nutrition education. In addition to increased performance levels, I want to use my education to help individuals improve personal health and wellness through exercise prescription, stress management and providing the necessary motivation they may need.

I decided to start 24kt Fitness because I wanted to create a welcoming environment for those that are new to training or trying to improve performance. My objective is to help individuals reach their personal fitness and performance goals while providing effective and efficient training in a private setting at an affordable cost.

I believe my personal results and training experience will help inspire and motivate others to achieve their fitness and performance goals.

As a former competitor and current trainer, I know how important nutrition is for successful performance. Any individual looking to improve health, wellness and performance can experience the same benefits and success as I have had with Advocare Nutrition.

I have used many, many supplements from various Generic Nutrition Centers to local Vitaminne Shops. These products have include such supplements as whey protein, weight gainers, creatine powders, nitric oxide boosters, energy drinks, meal replacement bars and multiple daily vitamins. After several scares in the unregulated supplement industry I decided to protect myself from unwanted ingredients by stopping supplementation all together.

For years I trained without heading in to stores and buying unregulated products. It wasn't until I began working with athletes that are regularly tested for banned substances did I realize the importance of promoting quality control. It was one of my mentors who introduced me to Adovcare. He told me how their products were guaranteed banned substance free by Informed-Choice; a private non-profit company dedicated to quality control and recognized by the NCAA, IOC and WADA.

After he told me to give some of the products a try, I tried a SPARK and I knew right away I was going to like their products. Over the passed year I have tried many of their product line including SPARK, SLAM, AdvoBars, VO2 Prime, Pro 20, Muscle Gain and more.

When I began my Advocare journey, I was having a hard time trying to find consistency in my own training and diet. I began around 170 pounds and 17% body fat. After a year of using Advocare products to fuel my workouts and promote energy burn, I lost nearly 30 pounds and am under 10% and am in the best shape of my life!

With efficient and effective training at 24kt Fitness and proper nutritional support from Advocare you too can experience these amazing results that everyone else wants!