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Meet ​You​r Trainer

Jason Gold

Exercise/Fitness Specialist


Certified Personal Trainer

I began training for sport and recreation at the age of 14. My passion and enthusiasm for training led me to pursue a career in Fitness and become an A.C.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer.  To further expand my training knowledge I began pursuing a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science at Cleveland State University.  The focus of my studies were exercise physiology and sports performance. In addition to founding 24kt Fitness and the 24kt Training System, I am also a Qualified Weight Management Service provider for qualifying Health Networks.

My goal is to apply the knowledge and experience that I have gained to help individuals perform at their BEST!  In addition to increasing performance levels, I want to help individuals improve personal health and wellness through exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

I decided to start 24kt Fitness because I wanted to create a complete program for those that are new to training or those trying to improve where other programs have failed. My objective is for individuals to reach their personal fitness and performance goals while providing effective and efficient training at an affordable cost.

I believe my programs results will help inspire and motivate others to achieve their fitness and performance goals!

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