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The Empowris Health Network

24kt Fitness has been selected as a Qualified Weight Management Service Provider within the Empowris Marketplace.

Your employer could help you save money as you work to improve your health. Companies that offer Empowris as a health benefit share the cost of their employees weight management program. This helps you stay focused on your goals-not your budget.

Benefits to offering Empowris include:

  • Discounted rates on weight management programs
  • Practical and positive help setting and acheiving health and fitness goals
  • Individualized weight management strategies to fit your lifestyle
  • Continued motivation with milestones and employer contributions and assistance
  • Complete confidentiality about your individual health information

Including Empowris can also help reduce health plan costs as well as increase productivity.

24kt Fitness has specifically designed individual outpatient program for those using the Empowris Marketplace.

The purpose of the individualized programs are to help individuals safely and progressively increase daily activity levels while improving dietary habits and modifying unwanted behaviors so that they may achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

How the program works:

1st Visit- You will meet with your Qualified Weight Management Service Provider. At this meeting you will go over the ACSM Health History Questionnaire and obtain resting anthropological measurements. These include height, weight, body circumferences, resting heart rate and blood pressure. You will also go over your initial Empowris Intake Review. At this time you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals so that the trainer may design an optimal program specifically suited to you and your lifestyle.

2nd Visit- You will meet with your trainer and perform the Personal Fitness Assessment to determine your current personal fitness level. After completing the assessment you will go over your personal results as compared to the current age related fitness standards. Your trainer will then use these results as a baseline to compare future results from your individual program.

Subsequent Visits- You will continue to meet with your trainer twice a month to check in with follow up personal reviews of activity levels, nutrition and behavior habits. Each visit will also include a new 2-week micro cycle of their personal activity program. Individuals will also continue to weigh-in at each of the following visits.

Contact your employer today to see if you qualify for this unique outpatient program!