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A client's first outdoor workout!

Posted on 11 July, 2014 at 11:39
24kt Fitness Studio
24kt Fitness Studio
7/11 Outdoor training session
High Intensity Conditioning
High Intensity Conditioning
This multi-component workout utilizes speed, fast feet, coordination and agility drills combined with explosive resistance and core training.
The Ladder
The Ladder
Ladder drills utilize full body movement to help improve overall coordination and reaction times.
The Cones and The Core
The Cones and The Core
Cone drills help improve agility, acceleration and body coordination. Resistance training and core training help improve overall strength and power.
This morning I ran a 34 year old female client in excellent physical condition through her first outdoor training session here at 24kt Fitness. The results are in; she reached a maximum heart rate of 185bpm (99% of MHR) and averaged 157bpm (84% of MHR). She burned a total of 911 calories during her high intensity conditioning session. Great Job!

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