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The 24KT​ Training System

After spending time as a trainer at a commercial gym I quickly realized the relationship was not ideal for clients or even the trainers themselves, but for the gym only. It was then I ​decided I wanted to make training and achieving fitness more accessible for everyone. 24KT Fitness was started with the purpose of providing the most effective training at an affordable cost.

Since 2010, the 24KT Training System has been working for people of all ages and experience levels.

When other programs set you up for failure, 24KT Fitness sets you up for SUCCESS!

The Evolution and Revolution of 24KT Fitness

24KT Fitness is a Private Home Fitness Studio that provides a personal setting utilizing OVER 1000 pounds of Free Weights, Weight Select Machines and other Resistance, Aerobic and Sports Performance equipment to deliver BIG time results!

24KT Fitness NOW offers personal online training sessions and group training forums in addition to AT HOME training sessions.

24kt Training Systems is a NEXT LEVEL approach to personal training.  Designed using the most efficient and reliable training methods so you  become the BEST version of yourself as FAST as possible!

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